Family Resources

The following website links have been compiled by African Community School Resources. Our agency is not directly affiliated with these organizations however we have gathered this information as we believe they are all very useful agencies that can provide resources and assistance to you. Please visit their websites for more information on Housing, Legal Assistance and Medical Care.

If you would like our help navigating these websites or understanding the information please call today for an appointment! 612.454.1488

Community Resources

American Refugee Committee (ARC) American Refugee Committee (ARC)

Disabled Immigrant Association (DIA) Disabled Immigrant Association (DIA)

DIA supports disabled immigrants and their career development through the provision of information, referrals, education regarding rights, peer support, and guidance in navigating through complex barriers to receiving supports, services and jobs.

International Institute of Minnesota (IIMN) International Institute of Minnesota (IIMN)

Each year, the International Institute assists over 1,000 refugees, asylees and immigrants to navigate the process of permanent residency, citizenship and other immigration procedures.

Minnesota Council of Churches Refugee Services (MCC) Minnesota Council of Churches Refugee Services (MCC)

Housing Resources

Housing Link Housing Link

What is Section 8 Housing? Section 8 is a government-funded program that helps low-income households pay the rent on private, market-rate rental units.

Minnesota Housing Finance Agency (MHFA) Minnesota Housing Finance Agency (MHFA)

Minnesota Housing finances and advances affordable housing opportunities for low and moderate income Minnesotans to enhance quality of life and foster strong communities.

Minnesota Public Housing Authority (MPH) Minnesota Public Housing Authority (MPH)

“The mission of the Minneapolis Public Housing Authority (MPHA) is to promote and deliver quality, well-managed homes to a diverse low income population and, as a valued partner, contribute to the well-being of the individuals, families and community we serve.”

St. Paul Public Housing St. Paul Public Housing

Providing Safe Affordable Housing to Low Income Residents

Legal Referrals

Advocates for Human Rights Advocates for Human Rights

The Advocates provides access to free legal services in approximately 1000 immigration cases annually.

Legal Aid Society of Minneapolis Legal Aid Society of Minneapolis

Providing direct legal assistance to low income people through a network of local offices and programs.

Medical Referrals


To guide refugees and immigrants in the journey toward self-determination and social equality.

Children’s Dental Services Children’s Dental Services

Dedicated to improving oral health of children and families with low incomes by providing accessible treatment and education to our diverse MN community.

Community University Healthcare Center Community University Healthcare Center

Community-University Health Care Center (CUHCC) opened its doors in 1966 to provide primary care services to children and low income families in South Minneapolis.

Crown Medical Support Services Crown Medical Support Services

Crown Medical Support Services is a 501(c)(3) organization created as a vehicle to provide adequate medical services to those who are without sufficient resources to pay for them via insurance or otherwise.

Minnesota International Health Volunteers Minnesota International Health Volunteers

International Health Volunteers (IHVO) is an independent, not for profit, humanitarian medical aid organization whose primary purpose is to establish an accessible repository of physicians, dentists and other medical experts who have the requisite skills and interest to assist in domestic and international short term medical relief projects.

Translation and Interpreting

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